Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Day 10 : Goodbye

What a few days, let me tell you mission log! Coms went down again and we've been super busy cutting together the documentary on the fly but I'm here to deliver the final story of the mission.

After we got back some satellite dishes we were good to go- that was until those dumb mountain extraterrestrials found and started trying sieging our ship. This is something you don’t do, it’s freakin’ dangerous for everyone involved when the engines are being fired up. Things got pretty heated and our ship would have probably toppled if it wasn’t for Uri’s super smarts. Do you remember our little buddies? Well jeez there are quite many now! We released them from the jars out the window and we finally found out what food they like to eat, and boy can they eat! I do feel kind of bad for the mountain aliens as although they were douchey they probably didn’t deserve that. All I wanted was one lousy rock.

It has been a crazy fun time here. I will miss you, strange planet. It has been a weird journey but I’m rather ready for home now. Missions aren’t as fun when I run out of grape flavoured space food. See you on the next mission.

I made a small drawing to commemorate our time here. I hope you like it, mission log. I'm sure our buddies would.

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