Friday, 14 May 2010

Day 8 : Aw, Snap!

Don’t worry mission log, Me and Uri put our science intellects together and figured out the reason as to why this craziness may have happened.

It seems that when travelling through the Aquila Rift we were sent back in time approximately eight days to before the strange and mysterious signal was sent. When we made our emergency landing our own DISTRESS BEACON became the source of the strange and mysterious signal.

So then our past selves back on Earth set off to find out what it is, etc. Crazy!

Oh man this is so weird! I’m going to cross it off the investigation list now though, sure feels good to have closure. But it does not feel good to have been on a wild goose chase and to still have no satellite dishes. At least I discovered a whole bunch of aliens including our little multiplying buddies (there are seriously lots of them now).

Mood: Underwhelmed and Overwhelmed

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