Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Day 10 : Goodbye

What a few days, let me tell you mission log! Coms went down again and we've been super busy cutting together the documentary on the fly but I'm here to deliver the final story of the mission.

After we got back some satellite dishes we were good to go- that was until those dumb mountain extraterrestrials found and started trying sieging our ship. This is something you don’t do, it’s freakin’ dangerous for everyone involved when the engines are being fired up. Things got pretty heated and our ship would have probably toppled if it wasn’t for Uri’s super smarts. Do you remember our little buddies? Well jeez there are quite many now! We released them from the jars out the window and we finally found out what food they like to eat, and boy can they eat! I do feel kind of bad for the mountain aliens as although they were douchey they probably didn’t deserve that. All I wanted was one lousy rock.

It has been a crazy fun time here. I will miss you, strange planet. It has been a weird journey but I’m rather ready for home now. Missions aren’t as fun when I run out of grape flavoured space food. See you on the next mission.

I made a small drawing to commemorate our time here. I hope you like it, mission log. I'm sure our buddies would.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Day 9 : Bad Mission Log

Bad mission log! Malfunctioning on Day 7 and Day 8. I got you all fixed up now but don't do it again please.

Day 9 : Dishes? Check!

Remember the our past-selves landed on the planet yesterday? Well this morning we got up super early, took the long walk over there, and returned with these.

Haha man our past-selves are dumb! They have no idea. As soon as we get these satellite dishes fixed up to our ship back at the mountains we're good to go.

Mood: Sneaky

Friday, 14 May 2010

Day 8 : Aw, Snap!

Don’t worry mission log, Me and Uri put our science intellects together and figured out the reason as to why this craziness may have happened.

It seems that when travelling through the Aquila Rift we were sent back in time approximately eight days to before the strange and mysterious signal was sent. When we made our emergency landing our own DISTRESS BEACON became the source of the strange and mysterious signal.

So then our past selves back on Earth set off to find out what it is, etc. Crazy!

Oh man this is so weird! I’m going to cross it off the investigation list now though, sure feels good to have closure. But it does not feel good to have been on a wild goose chase and to still have no satellite dishes. At least I discovered a whole bunch of aliens including our little multiplying buddies (there are seriously lots of them now).

Mood: Underwhelmed and Overwhelmed

Day 8 : Nuts to This!

No no no no no no no. What the heck. A few minutes ago we spotted something entering the planet’s atmosphere in the distance, and as we got out the binoculars for closer inspection...

It’s our ship. Making an emergency landing. Just like we did. My head is extremely confused right now M.L. so I hope you don’t mind me going for a lie down. This needs pondering for sure.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Day 7 : Safe and Sound...

Well mission log, I got back safe and sound. For now. I don’t mean to sound ominous but I think we’re in a spot of danger having riled up all the mountain-dwelling aliens and it’s only a matter of time until they find our ship. Tomorrow we will look to leave the planet but we won’t be able to find our way back home though without the satellite dishes. Dang!

This evening I’ve tried to relax myself with drawing stuff. I added a bunch of things to the spaceship paint design and look! Now some skulls are getting zapped by the lightning. This is getting badass!

Day 7 : In a Rush

Uh oh, M.L.! The rock I took for the collection made the idol all angry. I didn’t think it would miss one rock but geez I guess so. It’s angry head is causing the caves to shake crazily and it feels like it’s going to collapse so we need to get out. On top of that me and Uri are being chased by the little aliens so I’m in a bit of a rush but I will update properly when I’m safe and sound back at the ship!

Mood: Peeved

Day 7 : The Mountain Idol

I’ve been keeping my eyes totally peeled and I’m beginning to think these dudes don’t have our dishes. However there are some strange goings on in here. I followed one of the aliens deep into the caves to the place they take the rocks. It was pretty rad to say the least. They worship this giant mountain idol in a huge cavern space and they feed all the rare rocks to it. When they do, crazy things shoot out its head really fast and the walls shake a lot. I’m thinking this is what is causing the ground tremors. I can now cross it off my investigation list. Only two more mysteries to solve. I wonder what this whole idol offering is for. In the mean time, I think I will bag one of these rare space rocks to take back to the ship for examination.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Day 6 : An Uncool Alien

I spent a good long time excavating one of the super rare space rocks from the cave wall when an extra terrestrial showed up and snatched it from me. This behaviour shows that he is perhaps capable of stealing satellite dishes. When I went a little further down into the cave I found a whole bunch of these dudes who are all chipping at the wall rocks. These guys don’t seem to mind me and Uri being around so I’m going to play it cool with them until I can determine if they are the perps. Also I will study these strange habits for scientific purposes.

It seems like the cave joins a network of underground spaces and I will explore this soon. But right now it is definitely time for snacks, then time for science afterwards.

Day 6 : Caving

Man! These caves sure are a sight to behold. And to top it off they are lined with all super rare rocks forms made from exoplanetary mineral compounds which I am going to bag for my collection for sure. They are easily the best space rocks I’ve seen maybe ever.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Day 5 : The Mountain Cave

We got out the cake flavoured space food for Uri’s birthday this morning, but the rest of the celebrations will have to wait. We have found a cave in the mountains, (perhaps the perps’ hideout?). We will check it out after lunch. And by check it out I mean get our freakin’ dishes back. What might await us inside the cave? Answers soon, M.L.!

Mood: Ready

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Day 4 : Planning a Trip to the Mountains

Uri got the ship fixed so we’re taking it over to the mountains soon. The perps who have our dishes better be sweating.

Mood: Vengeful

Day 4 : My Collection

‘Sup mission log. Tomorrow is Uri’s birthday. I think I will give him a rock from my collection, but not my titan meteorite, that one is my favourite. I hope he doesn’t mind getting another space rock as a birthday present. I know I wouldn’t.

Day 4 : Mixing it Up

Man, space food comes in over one hundred flavours but it sure can get boring eating it all the time. I’ve been trying out mixing them up and I’ve made a list of my findings. I will make a note of this on you, mission log, so I do not forget. The following are tasty pairs:

Macaroni and Cheese
Apples and Custard
Bangers and Mash
Chicken and Toffee

Combinations that are not so rad:

Macaroni and Custard
Beef and Jelly
Banana and Gravy
Pickle and Grapefruit

Mood: Accomplished

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Day 3 : Lots of Buddies

Look M.L., yet more new buddies. It is becoming difficult to think up names for them and also I am running out of jars. So far I have:

Any other name suggestions would be super helpful.

Mood: Pooped

Day 3 : Our Buddy's Shocking Surprise

This is a big surprise M.L.! Our new friend is now two new friends! An example of binary fission in a large organism! This means that they have no clear gender, which presents a problem in referring to them. Until I can think of something better I will just stick to “her” and “she” for now as if anything they are probably girls but hey I’m no expert.

Mood: Wtf

Friday, 7 May 2010

Day 2 : Trouble Sleepin'

I can’t sleep, mission log. I am excited about our new friend. Tomorrow I will decide a name for him and also see what he likes to eat. (But I have not forgotten about the satellite dishes).

Day 2 : New Buddy

The tracks go beyond the mountains and that’s a super long way to walk. We will fly over there when Uri has the ship fixed. Today wasn’t all bad though, because we found a new little buddy. I brought him back to the ship for study.

Also I have noticed tremors that go across the planet every hour or so. This is really annoying because it makes me spill my coffee, but at the same time it is interesting and may call for investigation. Now I that have several things to investigate I should probably make a list.

Mood: Productive

Day 2 : Thievery!

It’s me again, M.L. This morning we found some faint tracks outside our spacecraft leading towards the far mountains. And whatever was outside our spacecraft stole our satellite dishes when we were sleeping! Needless to say, mission log, I am not happy. Without the dishes we cannot transmit our DISTRESS SIGNAL to get rescue. Also we cannot navigate our way home! After lunch we will immediately get exploring to try and find the perps.

Mood: Ass kicking

(Uri puzzling over the crime scene)

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Day 1: First Night on Mystery Planet

Hi again mission log. It’s pretty late now and my eyes are tired, but I just wanted to let you know we had a blast today. I found a bunch of cool space rocks to add to my collection and Uri got most of the asteroid dents out. Also check out my awesome lightning strikes that I designed for the ship’s hull. Check back for an update when the design is done. Time for sleeps now though.

Mood: Sleepy